About Sri Hanuman Mandir

The Hanuman Mandir is one of the most renowned Hindu religious centres (temples) in the USA. Founded in 2010, the temple is located in Alpharetta, Greater Atlanta region, USA. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The temple also has deities of Sri Rama, Sri Jagannath and Sri Ganesha.
Lord Hanuman is the God of Wisdom, Strength, Courage, Devotion and self-discipline. He inspires us to support justice, friendship and goodwill. His friendship and association with Lord Ram are forever known. He embodies selfless, eager to listen to other's problems, help and guide them onto the path of success.

As per Hinduism, God is Omnipresent, who energizes the entire universe. God is present within everyone and in everything. At the Hanuman Mandir, we are all about devotees (people/community). We are a temple for the devotees and by the devotees. Visit the Hanuman Mandir Facebook page for latest event information, announcements, images and videos. We are committed to serve our community performing Hindu religious services, prayers for wellbeing of the community while celebrating, cultural and religious events, Hindu festivals, and holidays. Helping our devotees learn and practice Hindu Spiritual & religious ways of life. The Temple now counts more than 5,000 devotees (aka members), hosts several religious events throughout the year, daily archanas/prayers. We teach and enable our members to serve the community.

Temple History

March 29, 2010 was a special day for Hanuman devotees of Atlanta as the Hanuman Temple, Alpharetta came in to existence with the grace of God amidst customary deity installation rituals of Sri Bhakthanjaneya Swamy Pratishta mahotsavam. The Hanuman Prana Pratishta was performed on this day by Sri Satyanarayanacharyulu Dittakavi and Srimannarayana Puranam. Sri Seshu Puranam was founder priest of the temple.
Since its inception 14 years ago, there have been many blessings and miracles in every penny, devotee and puja performed. When the temple doors opened for first time, made an announcement as whoever makes a donation of $1000 and above will be made a trustee of the temple. The response was overwhelming. Over 20 people came forward, including some priests from other temples that helped financially during initial days. With the grace of God, temple was able to repay all loans in a timely fashion. With the financial support of trustees, temple quickly surpass the break-even point. Sadika Mataji was named first president of the Board of Trustees, Rakesh Garg was the Treasurer and Ram Arunachalam was the Secretary.
The next big event at the temple was the consecration of the Ram Parivar and Puri Jagannath. Ram Parivar was donated by Sri Sundar Garg, Puri Jagannath donated by Sri Kew Ray and family. The following year, Sri Rakesh Garg and Sachi Pati were nominated as President and Treasurer and Sri Ram Arunachalam, the Secretary. During this period, bought the land where temple is currently located. When temple decided to purchase the land, a miracle happened. The owner who had insisted on a particular price, agreed to reduce the price by half.
Before the land was acquired, a Pavamanasuktam havan was performed, during which, a 7 – foot long snake visited through the back door which was left open. The snake went all around the temple and touched the feet of Lord Hanuman before it left. (video clip on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ltUftY-9yQ )
Another miracle arrived in the form of a sadhu from Germany called Prabhu Paramathma. The sadhu was extremely pleased with the way the temple was run and requested to send the temple bank account details. On his return to Germany, he transferred big amount plus $1000 at once with which temple completely paid off the loan for the land. During purchase of the land, 20 more people donated and joined as trustees.
During the temple opening period, Sri Srimannrayana Puranam was a priest at the SV temple in North Carolina. But he joined at Hanuman Temple as priest and has been here from day 1. He has devoted himself completely to Lord Hanuman and the temple. He performs all the pujas and looks after the temple. His childhood friend, the intelligent and knowledgeable priest Sri Laxman Swamy has joined as other priest in the temple. Both priests have been trained by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s ashram. Swamiji has visited the Hanuman Mandir twice. Temple also hired another priest Gangadhar Pandey, but he left due to his health issues.
Currently, Temple is having so many development plans like adding a temple kitchen, an office, a room for the priests and a rest room. And also having the plans to extend the parking lot and work on the landscaping.